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Passage du Gois

The Passage du Gois

The name of Gois (Goy in old French) dates back to around 1577. It comes from the verb meaning goiser walk wetting his boots.

The Passage du Gois is a submersible road in the bay of Bourgneuf where it connects the island of Noirmoutier to the mainland (the town of Beauvoir sur mer). The passage is only passable by car or on foot by low tide because it is covered at high tide. There are other such sites like the Passage du Gois, but the uniqueness of the Gois is its exceptional length: 4.125 km. Depending on the coefficient of the tides, the water level which covers the road at high tide varies from 1.30 meters to 4 meters.
Since 1971, the bridge of Noirmoutier, connecting the island to the mainland, is an alternative to Gois.
Every year in early July, there is a running race called « les Foulées du Gois »


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